At Carlson Cash, we provide consulting services for all projects related to cash. We specialize in SAP Treasury and Cash Management and are experts in how this area relates to other modules. This includes the core functionality in SAP Treasury such as Cash Management, Transaction Manager and In-House Cash, and also spans the related functionality in SAP that includes Payment Management, Bank Reconciliation and Cash Application. We are experienced in providing consulting services in all types of SAP environments including, S/4HANA On-Premise, S/4HANA Cloud, Central Finance and ECC. Within these environments, the below graphic details the areas we specialize in.

Bank Account Management

Manage and track the opening and closing of bank accounts in a centralized location. Approval procedures are also leveraged to ensure that all account changes have been properly reviewed.

In-House Cash

SAP’s In-House Cash can be used to reduce the involvement of external Banks by Netting Intercompany activity before sending external payments. This will allow for the reduction of external bank accounts you hold as well as volume of payments made. In-House Cash can help to streamline the relationship with your external banks and allow for concentration of your company’s cash and reduction of costs.


Connections need to be established between SAP and banking partners to send and receive various files. We are specialized in all types of banking connections including Host-to-Host, SWIFT Service Bureaus, SWIFT and SAP Multi-Bank Connectivity.

Accounts Receivable (AR)

Leveraging the bank statement functionality, the Cash Application process can be improved by enhancing posting rules and utilizing Machine Learning. This process can also be improved by using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in PDF invoices to create detailed payment advices in SAP. As a result, it is easier to clear those invoices in the Cash Application process.

Cash Management

Provide real time views to bank balance and forecasts on your organization's cash. These apps allow you to review the current day bank statement import statuses, view real time cash balances, project short term AP/AR forecasts and make decisions on how to manage excess or deficit cash balances.

Advanced Payment Management

APM is another module that improves the payment process and allows for additional functionalities. Payment formats can be processed from other ERPs, formats can be converted, data can be enriched and the files can be validated before being sent to banking partners.

Market Data

To facilitate transactions in the Treasury module, various market data needs to be imported from external sources like Bloomberg or Reuters. FX rates, forward points, interest rates, commodity prices and security prices can be imported to ensure the correct calculations and postings can be executed in treasury.

Bank Reconciliation

Electronic bank statements are loaded into SAP to post the prior day accounting activity. Posting rules are configured to automatically post and clear all applicable activities, and a central dashboard is available to further process the transactions that did not fully post when the statement was loaded.

Transaction Manager

Manage and track all activities related to treasury contracts. This can be used to track debt, investments, foreign exchange, commodities and derivative contracts. The accounting entries are automated for contract initiation, valuations, accruals and contract closing. The cash flows automatically integrate with the payments and cash management modules.

Bank Communication Management (BCM)

This module is a central location in SAP to manage outgoing payment files and monitor incoming bank statements. Payment batches can be reviewed, approved and tracked by importing payment status reports from banking partners.

Accounts Payable (AP)

The payment run is used to pay invoices that are due for various payment types. The payment run is able to create any payment format required by banks including XML, SWIFT MT files, bank specific formats and IDocs.

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